- MAS flight booking services on your mobile phone.

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Malaysian Airlines recently introduced their mobile phone equivalent for their online booking portal.

The mobile service is ideal for people on the go - using their Internet-enabled mobile phones. is the mobile version of the online booking site for Malaysian Airlines - for users that frequently fly using the nation's airline services. Users can book and pay their flight, have the option to choose plane seats, check for flight schedules, check arrivals and departures, produce an electronic check-in receipt and view special offers as they peruse the mobile site using their phones.

A similar service was implemented by AirAsia - which implemented theirs earlier in August 2005. The features AirAsia's aren't as extensive as AirAsia's mobile service involves booking and paying for flights together with checking your flight status and producing a mobile check-in receipt (not boarding pass)...

Based on experience, do take note that a check-in receipt is not the official boarding pass. Having a check-in receipt/notification, you will still require to queue up and check-in on the counters to obtain your boarding pass - unless there is a service of printing the boarding pass using a printer - which is a feature offered by the flight company's online website.

The links to these mobile portals(s) are below:

Malaysian Airlines: †† (or simply login to and the site will redirect you to the mobile version interface)

Personal note: Its quite surprising that MAS would choose a URL such as which I believe would cause confusion the next time people plan on searching the web to bookmark†† it.

Post Update (Thanks to Mohd. Hisham Saleh):
  • - A digital boarding pass is sent via SMS should users check-in via the mobile interface.
  • †† - Logging on to through your mobile device will redirect users automatically to the mobile interface system.

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Hi Naith,

There's a digital boarding pass which will be sent via sms when you do mobile check-in (for domestic flight only)

you still can type in on your mobile & getting the same application

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